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How to Deal with Confrontational Cops

Update: Just yesterday, the authorities released body camera footage from a fatal Mesa, AZ police shooting where an officer was acquitted of homicide and manslaughter charges. Now, most of my cases do not involve fatal shootings, to be honest. However, I find that even the smallest, most innocent police interaction can escalate very quickly.  In the video, it's clear that that is just what happened.  A young man, intoxicated, crawling on the ground, reaches behind himself to pull up his sagging shorts--an action that can be seen as threatening and which he had been warned not to do by police--and ends up being shot several times. For those of you interested in the badge cam footage, you may view it on the NY Times' website here:  I will not embed the video, as it is incredibly hard to watch. Given this event being covered in the media very thoroughly, I sped up publication o…

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