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Life After a DUI/DWAI

Looking Beyond the Conviction: The Long-Term Consequences of a DUI/DWAI So many of my cases involve ordinary folks who have made simple mistakes.  In other words, my clients usually aren’t career criminals.  Most of them have successful careers, family they care for, and great plans for the future.  It’s amazing, though, how one run-in with the law can derail someone’s entire life.  This is especially true with DUI/DWAI cases, given how common they are.  Given that today is not far removed from St. Patrick's Day, I generally also see a spike in these types of cases over the next few weeks. 
A good attorney not only knows about the law and what a client is facing from a legal standpoint but also the impacts that a case can have on all aspects of a client’s life (including not getting that desired invite to next year's St. Paddy's party).  Read on to learn about some often-forgotten consequences of getting a DUI/DWAI and to garner a few tips from a friendly Colorado criminal…

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