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Keeping It Positive

Recently, I've realized how much I enjoying going into the bank in person to see my favorite teller.  Often, I take my now 9 month-old in with me.  This teller is the most personable and caring individual I have ever had the joy of meeting.  She is essentially a total stranger to me.  I can't actually tell you her name (and I realize that's on me and I need to make a point to look at her name-tag the next time I'm in there). I've never seen her outside of work.  But darn if I don't love going in to chat with her.

This kindhearted woman has told me on at least fifty occasions how awesome my son is.  But, more than that, she's made me feel better about myself on a regular basis.  When I had my son, she wanted to know how I had lost the baby weight so fast, and then commiserated with me when I told her it was actually stress.  Today, she told me that she could recognize my son was so smart and advanced for his age because he was "like his mamma."  I…

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