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Lover’s Quarrel: Valentine’s Day & Domestic Violence

Love it or hate it—Valentine’s Day is here to stay! Like many holidays, the stress of the day alone can cause tension in even the best of relationships (more about holiday stress here). But Valentine’s Day is an entirely different animal compared to other holidays. High expectations, financial pressures, and the “wining” part of “wining and dining” often don’t mix well. For many couples, the night doesn’t quite end as expected. For some couples, the night can go really wrong.
Domestic violence (“DV”) isn’t linked to one particular holiday or another, although holidays in general often have higher rates of violence between family members. Nevertheless, my criminal defense law practice does get a fair number of domestic violence cases following Valentine’s Day. These cases can be challenging, but not just for the reasons you might think. Domestic violence is a very serious matter—you’ll never hear me say otherwise—and harming someone you love is inexcusable. But these cases are rarely, …

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