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Well, my maternity leave is officially over.  I took a few months off at the first of the year to deliver a wonderful little addition to this world.  Although I started Nicol Law Offices as a solo-solo, having a child has made me wonder whether it might not be a good idea to start looking for an intern, law student, administrative assistant, or paralegal.  The kicker: I am just starting the firm back up and can't pay anyone.  So... anyone interested in an unpaid internship? Know anyone? Spread the word! Lots of great legal experience, ability to market a growing law firm online. and the flexibility to work from home most days! It may transition to paid later, too! #mustlovedogs.  
That being said, I am starting the firm back up and NLO is up and running again!  My little one (apparently you can abbreviate LO for babies--who knew #Ireadmommyblogsnow) is in daycare several days a week.  Translation: I am sick on a running basis.  Since he started daycare 8 weeks ago, I'…

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